Hey there!

Let me introduce myself to you! 

I am Maegen Bohac and welcome to MB Photography! Thank you for checking out my website for starters! I have been photographing for about six years now but of course my interest has always been there. In High School I started to really delve into actually photographing events as well as doing Senior Portraits which led to other events. After which led me to wanting to study photography. So, I have now studied photography at Columbia College Chicago for my college career which has of course opened my world to so many experiences photographically. I've been able to photograph a vast amount of events as well as niches. 

I have a background in sports which has led me to being very interested in photographing sporting events as well as performance events. This would explain my concentration in photojournalism. 

Don't let that fool you though, I just love working with people. 

So, if you have any questions, please contact me, I will answer ASAP!

Thank you and enjoy!